Month: August 2016

Radio Interviews on the authorisation of Moon Express to land on the Moon

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Moon Express has become the first private comapny to receive authorisation to land on the Moon. It’s the first time a commercial entity has been authorised to carry out any activities outside of Earth orbit.

ICI Radio Canada ran a piece for their emission “Les Annees Lumiers”, in which I explain the applicable space law (in French)

Following this, Radio 983 Montreal interviewed me in a 10 minute morning discussion during their emission “Puisqu’il faut se lever” about who owns the moon, why Moon Express wants to land there, and how the Outer Space treaty can guarantee that all activities in space are for the benefit of all (in French).



Satellites, Space Law and Planetary Citizens: Why Space Matters

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I met Victoria Heath at a conference hosted by Women in International Security Canada, and we had in-depth conversations about wy space matters. She later contacted me, as she wants to know how to get young people engaged and interested in issues to do with our activities in space and their impact on our daily lives. She interviewed me in her capacity as intern at the Mackenzie Institute, and has come up with a three-part series based on our conversations.

Her first article is here

Coupled with this video: