Why Space Law Matters?

When I say I specialise in space law, most people look suprised and then ask if I’m the person they should contact when aliens land. It takes a moment for me to explain the prevalence of space technologies in our daily lives, and why space law would matter. Once we start talking about GPS, smartphones and internet, it begins to make sense, but even our daily financial transactions, the flights we take when we travel, and on a larger scale things like disaster management are dependent on space technology and the regulation of it.

My main research interest is military activities in outer space, and the application of international law and the law of armed conflict to those activities. Yes, Star Wars, but not in the way we usually think of it.

This blog is an attempt to explain current issues in space law in an accessible way, and an opportunity for me to comment on events and shifts in policy which are important to our twenty-first century existence.


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